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VPNE Parking Solutions was founded as Valet Park of New England in 1990 by Kevin W. Leary. Mr. Leary's vision was for the parking experience to be one of the highlights of the guests' visit, similar to the experience in the lobby of a luxury hotel or condominium.

Drawing from his education at Boston College, his military experience and his knowledge within the business world as an investment banker, Mr. Leary developed a business plan where his teammates became immersed in the culture and vision of every client they served, thus becoming a proud extension of the client's team. Within this plan, Mr. Leary focused on recruiting the best people, providing them with strong training and leadership, and compensating them for exceptional service.

Kevin J. Leary joined the firm after graduating from Villanova University. Kevin J. expanded on his father's vision from an extension of the customer's staff into a true partnership with our clients, learning their business from the foundation up and custom designing a service plan to reflect each client's values and objectives.

As your partner, VPNE believes it is our responsibility to drive your business and build your brand. We custom design an operating plan and customize a team around each client's definition of success. VPNE's recruiting philosophy is to target super friendly, smart, energetic, positive individuals, reward them for exceptional performance and provide them with constant opportunities for growth and enrichment. Whether it is recruiting or training staff, selecting uniforms, buying sign