Tortuga Tile Works

About Us

Our original, hand-made tiles create a bold and stylish statement. We develop original artwork that fits within the greater design, reflects the client's personality and that can also deliver a durable and long-lasting surface. LuRu has created hundreds of tile designs that are new and original. Collaboration with customers keeps her creativity flowing.

With a Bachelors degree in ceramics and a Masters degree in sculpture, LuRu has spent the past 20 years exploring materials and methods of sculpting. There are many approaches to any project, and we will find the one that best suits your needs.

Tiles can be flat or sculpted in low relief. They can be glazed in a poly-chrome, hand brushed style or coated in solid color. Tiles can be created as repeat pattern of press molded tiles or free form contour mosaics. The possibilities are limitless. Tortuga Tiles are made of earthenware that is fired to 2000 degrees, which makes them a great choice for kitchens, baths, focal walls, window surrounds and stair runners.

Everybody has a project budget, and we here at Tortuga Tile Works understand that. The great thing about a custom job is that not only is the art specific to your needs, but the budget is as well.