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Purple Flame LLC will provide you with a unique memorable gift for your next planned corporate event or privat party. For any such occasion we create personalized Bobbleheads and 3D printed Selfies. Personalized means we use your face or the faces of your guests for creating such figurines. Our products are perfect to use as cake topper and table decoration, as bar mitzvah boy, transforming you into your most famous hero or as a give away in an upcoming product promotion event of your company or marketing campain. There are no limitations. We come to your event. We create it all for you. The right personalized Figurine and Bobblehead for you to honor and entertain your guests or clients in a new and fantastic way. Your guest will love it - you will love it. And, let me tell you - a 3D printed Figurine is so much more a memorable than just a photo.

We also offer you the possibility for a small business up or to complement your existing entertainment business. If you enjoy communication and talking to new peoples our business proposal is perfect to increase your income after retirement. Or think about it as an add on product to your entertainment and marketing efforts. Small investment - excellent margins. we offer different Bobblehead Photobooth models and alternatives specially designed for your business proposal.


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